You Need "PATS!"

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Looking for an economical and effective way to train?
Then you need "PATS!"

The Process Activated Training System® is a whole new way to look at training. PATS ...

* standardizes OJT, the predominate method of training
* focuses on the many individual work processes in a job
* involves employees, who identify and describe each step in these processes
* is taught by employees who know the best way to do their job - the Subject Matter Experts
* provides short, "show, tell, show, tell" lesson plans that can be taught quickly, when and where they're needed, thus reducing training time
* takes learning out of the training room and into the work site
* captures best practices that can be transferred to other areas
* is competency-based, with built-in, observable measures to determine training effectiveness
* is computerized so it can be easily updated and instantly accessed in a variety of "sorts"
* addresses 12 of the 20 elements important for ISO 9000 Certification, including training, design control, management responsibility, and purchasing

Eight-Stage Process:

1. Forming the team
2. Assessing critical core processes
3. Turning these processes into learning session plans
4. Identifying and developing subject matter experts (SMEs)
5. Developing a numbering system for documented processes
6. Developing software
7. Developing recognition
8. Observing and measuring progress


A team of ten to twenty people who can describe key processes at your organization.

Before the workshop, the team should identify processes to work on:
* ones that cause chronic problems
* ones in areas with high turnover ones that are key to the effectiveness of your organization

After the workshop, the team will leave with:
* several fully-developed lesson plans to use to teach fellow employees
* a format for standardizing additional lesson plans
* a way-to combine the various plans into an organization-wide training program

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