Understanding Your Role ....

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Understanding Your Role
excerpted from United States Postal Service Statistics (USPS) Program

Your help is needed in order to make the training succeed. The data that we provide is important to the Postal Service and in some cases required by law to support our requests for postal rates. There is a need to collect data in a standardized way so that we are doing data collection the same way everywhere in the country.

Depending on your experience in statistical programs, you may have been collecting data for a long time or just starting out. Most likely the way you perform your data collection is the way that was shown to you by another data collector. It is possible that your trainer forgot to tell you certain information or didn't understand a process themselves.

PATS - the method of on-the-job training that we are now
using in statistical programs helps us meet the need to provide standardized training - the same instruction all across the country. It provides that training in easily understood steps.
PATS ... helps us ... provide standardized training ... in easily understood steps.

Give the trainer the benefit of your energy and willingness to learn. A number of statistical programs people, including data collectors like yourself have spent some time in coming up with the best way to do data collection tasks. If you see or know of a better way of doing one of the PATS tasks - your way can become part of the national training - so let your trainer know.


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