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Teaching the PATS way:
excerpted from United States Postal Service (USPS) Statistics Program

PATS is grounded in basic principles of adult learning. The first of these principles is that we learn by doing. Thus in every step of a lesson the learner actually performs the task after the trainer has explained and/or demonstrated it. The belief is that a new employee would learn best from an experienced expert data collector.

Every effort is made to put the learners, process activated learners (PALs), in PATS context  at ease to enhance the learning environment. Learners are given positive feedback each step along the way and are encouraged to be active participants. This active participation includes providing improved best ways of doing data collection tasks.

Subject matter expert (SME) trainers train data collectors at the normal work site using PATS certified lesson plans and the statistical programs tools used to carry out that particular task. Subject matter experts must be certified before they can train with the PATS lesson plans. The certification process for SMEs consists of training three different learners on three different PATS processes. Once trainers are certified, they may begin training others with the PATS processes.

Group Training Leaders (GTLs) have the responsibility for certifying SMEs based on explicit criteria. To further a fair assessment of that ability to train, two GTLs are involved in the certification process. Quality is a goal throughout PATS. Before GTLs can undertake their role, they must be certified as trainers using the same procedure and criteria that is used to evaluate SME trainers.



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