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Searcy Uniform and Mat Service …
Striving toward operational excellence
with the assistance of the PATS System!

"What is your greatest need?" asked Lester Allen, General Manager of the Searcy Uniform and Mat Service, as part of a survey conducted during strategic planning. As a result of this survey, training surfaced as the main element of concern for all teammates in the Searcy, Arkansas, plant. It was obvious that a training system had to be implemented and the sooner the better.

After researching various training programs and techniques, the Management Team decided that Donald Fisher's PATS program would best fit the needs of this growing organization. The combination of identifying best practices and implementing employee driven, on the-job training made this system successful for the group.

The employees were impressed with the amount of involvement required at all levels in the company. Training was placed in the hands of those who know it best - the teammates. These Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) exist in every organization. They are the employees who do the job everyday and know how to do it right!

With the development of the Certification Board, the company was forced to examine exactly how each laundry process was performed. As a result, procedural changes were made that increased productivity and effectiveness. Through the documentation of these processes with the PATS system, all teammates are trained the same way. This provides a consistency within the organization that is essential to produce a quality product.



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