Responsibilities of the
Process Activated Learners (PALs)

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Responsibilities of the Process Activated Learners (PALs)

1. Prior to the training, complete the specific prerequisites for the lesson you will be learning.

2. If for some reason, you feel that you are not able to learn the lesson at the time it is scheduled, inform your supervisor or trainer that you would like to have it rescheduled.

3. Approach the learning session with a positive attitude: be open-minded and open to change. Be cooperative.

4. Allow the Subject Matter Expert (SME) - the PATS term for "the trainer" - to be in charge of the teaching. Pay close attention to the instructions that the SME gives you.

5. Ask questions. If, at any time there are issues that you don't understand, then ask. Give the trainer the benefit of your desire to be fully informed.

6. Follow the steps of the lesson listening and watching as the SME explains and demonstrates each step, then demonstrate that step for the SME.

7. After the last step in the lesson has been finished, the SME will review all the steps and ask you to repeat them to show that you can complete the entire process correctly. As you demonstrate each step, explain what you are doing; "talking yourself" through the steps will help you to remember them after you are finished.

8. Provide feedback to the SME. Respond positively to the trainer when the training goes well. Tell the trainer specifically how the training could be improved for you.

9. Do the job the way you were taught, every time.

10. If you know a better way to do a job than the way you were taught, submit a Process Improvement Proposal (PIP) to your supervisor.


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