One Source Industries, LLC

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MSQPC - The Quality Center - 22 N. Front Street, Suite 200, Memphis, TN 38103  (901) 543-3530.   Fax: (901) 543-3510.

One Source Industries, LLC. recently installed the Process Activated Training System (PATS) in their company. Bill Garcia, Vice President of Operations and Finance for One Source Industries parent organization, located in Irvine, CA, decided to purchase the PATS System for their new Memphis, TN operation. Garcia decided to use PATS to begin documenting the thousands of "Best Practices" exhibited by numerous Subject Matter Expert (SME) employees that are located at both the local site and throughout various other satellite sites within the organization.

Garcia noted that "...our employees are the best within the packaging industry, but they are not always consistent when it comes to processing customer orders." PATS allows One Source Industries, according to Garcia, "...to not only improve consistency in processing customer orders, but to be consistent in training co-workers to follow these well-established "Best Practice" standards throughout the company".

The installation of the PATS System within the company has set the stage for employee documentation of their "Best Practices" when it comes to product packaging and distribution of these products to their numerous customers. The introduction of PATS has led to company to begin their journey for ISO 9001:2000 Certification. ISO requires both management and employee involvement into the documentation of processes for many of their major customers.

Garcia noted that the "PATS System has allowed our management and employees at the Memphis Site to become more process focused and to have a renewed respect of the importance of documenting our "Best Practices" to not only meet the ISO requirements, but most importantly to guarantee our customers complete satisfaction and consistency when delivering our packaged products".

At right, MSQPC-The Quality Center Consulting Associate, Candice Fisher Moore (standing), introduces the Process Activated Training System® (PATS) to Production Manager Sean Mullally and his production team at One Source Industries, LLC. One Source is a national company head- quartered in Irvine, CA, with a packaging facility located in Memphis that specializes in packaging, display and point of sale items. CandiceFisherMoore at One Source Industries, LLC


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