Memphis in May International Festival, Inc.

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Memphis in May (MIM) International Festival, Inc., is bringing the world to Memphis and Memphis to the world by collecting their employees best practice knowledge through the Process Activated Training System® (PATS) developed by MSQPC Executive Director, Dr. Donald Fisher.

Memphis in May produces the largest, most dynamic consumer events in the region including The Beale Street Music Festival, Desti-nations, International Family Festival, The World Championship Barbeque Cooking Contest, and the Great Southern Food Festival featuring the Sunset Symphony.

The Memphis in May International Festival is a month-long celebration of local and international color, customs, cuisine, and culture that require year round preparation of both paid staff and an enormous group of volunteers. Jim Holt, Executive Director and CEO, and Diane Hampton, Assistant Executive Director and Director of Marketing, noted that their employees and volunteers exhibit numerous "Best Practices" in both planning and running the various MIM events, but there previously was no system in place to record and document these "best practices" and turn them into training scripts for new employees and volunteers to follow.


Memphis In May Sunset Symphony
PATS training session for Memphis In May International Festivals, Inc. The PATS system will help Memphis in May train employees and volunteers consistently and reduce the cycle-time required for a seamless performance each day. PATS was created by MSQPC's Executive Director, Dr. Donald C. Fisher. If you would like more information about the PATS system and how it can impact employee development and bottom-line, please contact MSQPC staff at

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