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Looking for an economical and effective way to train?
Then you need "PATS!"

PATS - What is it?

The Process Activated Training System®, or "PATS," designed by Dr. Donald C. Fisher, is a Baldrige-based, structured, systematic, method of delivering on-the-job training. It is a quality approach to ensuring that training is accomplished in a consistent, efficient basis.

PATS is a revolutionary way of teaching people in an organization about work processes by focusing on individual work processes involved in a job. This is a behavioral-based teaching and learning process that creates an environment of continuous learning and cycle-time reduction at the job site. PATS simplifies the teaching and learning processes by centering on the mastery of job processes.

PATS - Why use it?

The PATS program makes it affordable for every organization to call on the expertise of the finest training team in the world. These trainers are not outside consultants or training specialists. These trainers are the people who have the most experience and an understanding of every aspect of the organization's business. The best trainers are already on the job in the organization - they're on the payroll. PATS also integrates well with Six Sigma!

PATS is a whole new way to look at training!

  • Re-Engineers Training
  • Simplifies Teaching and Learning Process
  • Formalizes On-The-Job Training (OTJ)
  • Reduces Process Cycle Time
  • Reduces Learning Cycle Time

With PATS, The Employees Who Know Their Job Best Do The Training!

  • Process Activated Learners (PALS)
  • Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)
  • Basic Training Cycle Time Reduced
  • Transfer Key Process Knowledge Through Workforce

PATS Is A Rewarding Training Experience!

  • HERO List (Helpful Employee Resource On-Site)
  • SME Certification
  • Recognizes Back Stage Employees
  • Identifies Star of the Show

PATS replaces unread manuals with simple, short learning sessions.

  • Best Practices are documented
  • Learning session plans are developed
  • Just-in-time learning/knowledge
  • Session plans are written by employees

The entire training program is developed in-house, by the people who do the work.

  • Peer-driven learning
  • Employees identify process problems
  • Employees document key work processes
  • Employees are empowered to define "Best Work Practices."

PATS directly relates to training requirements for ISO 9000:2000.

  • Key processes documentation and consistency of process deployment is ensured
  • A learning system for ISO 9000:2000 registered organizations
  • PATS directly impacts training requirements for ISO 9000:2000 certification

PATS - Who uses it?

Scores of companies across the United States are currently using PATS to structure their training programs. Among these are FedEx, the United States Postal Service (USPS), Volvo GM Heavy Truck Corporation, The Memphis Group, The Peabody Hotel, The Regional Medical Center at Memphis, Baptist Regional Medical Center (Corbin, KY), Oregon International Airfreight Global Logistics, and Searcy Uniforms.

Your company should use PATS, too!

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