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Process Activated Training System®

Now, any company can afford to call on the expertise of the
finest training team in the world. They're already on the payroll!

It's true. The best trainers aren't outside consultants or training specialists. The best trainers are the people who have the most experience and understanding of every aspect of your company. And they're already on the job.

However, until now there hasn't been a reliable system for standardizing and documenting on-the-job training. And companies have been forced to rely on more traditional - and less effective -  formalized training programs.

But now any company can give its employees PATS; the Process Activated Training System® that takes full advantage of the training resources within a company to create a more productive and informed work force.

PATS in action at the Peabody Hotel,
Memphis Tennessee
PATS in action at the Peabody Hotel, Memphis, Tennessee

PATS completely re-engineers training by focusing on the individual work processes that are involved in a job.  In any company, thousands of these processes take place every day.  These processes are not defined by job descriptions or broad task titles, they are the individual elements that go into the successful performance of a job.  By centering on the mastery of job processes, PATS simplifies the teaching and learning process.  And makes on-the-job training effective, efficient, and measurable.

PATS in action at the Peabody Hotel,
Memphis Tennessee
PATS in action at the Peabody Hotel, Memphis, Tennessee

In every organization there are certain people who really know their jobs inside and out. They are true subject matter experts (SMEs) in the work processes that should be mastered to do those jobs right. These SMEs are the training experts for PATS.

By utilizing the skills and leadership abilities of SMEs, a company can  reduce the basic training cycle for anew employee from weeks to days -an impressive reduction in cycle time.  Most importantly, the SMEs gain from the PATS training process as well; they become communicators, motivators, counselors, resources and, in the process, sharpen their own skills.

The Entire Training Program is Developed In-House, By The People Who Do The Work.

The foundation for PATS and the building blocks for a company's in-house training program are laid by the employees themselves.

Led by SMEs, employee teams carefully examine each job process to create training session plans.  They not only work together to identify and describe each step in a process, they also evaluate how that process fits into the big picture of their department's purpose and their company's mission.  They can even determine ways to improve the work process and reduce cycle time.

By utilizing members of your employee force to create session plans for your PATS program, you empower them.  You are recognizing that their knowledge and understanding of the work processes that make up their jobs are critical to company performance and success.

PATS in action at the Peabody Hotel,
Memphis Tennessee
PATS in action at the Peabody Hotel, Memphis, Tennessee
Once PATS learning session plans are developed, they are computerized so that they can be easily updated and instantly accessed whenever training is  necessary.

Each learning session plan deals with a specific work process, providing just-in-time training right in the workplace. In addition, each session plan is built around the proven teaching method of "show, tell, show, tell" for effective communication and learning. 

Observation reports after the training session measure the effectiveness of the  training as well as the performance of the trainee. And recognition is built into the PATS program to reinforce performance and learning.

Because the training takes place in short, easily manageable segments, learning is enhanced and the training cycle is reduced.  Unlike traditional training videos, manuals, and classroom teaching, training on the job immediately and accurately relates the skills learned in the training process to the actual jobs being performed.

PATS in action at the Peabody Hotel,
Memphis Tennessee
PATS in action at the Peabody Hotel, Memphis, Tennessee
By giving employees PATS, a company can have a better trained workforce in a shorter time. But there are other important benefits as well.

Because PATS actively involves employees in the training process from the start to finish, it recognizes their hands- on understanding of their jobs.  It empowers them as the experts who know best what it takes to do their jobs, and do them right.

SMEs become not only on-the-job trainers, but role models and communicators who set important examples by practicing correct and safe work processes. It is a rewarding experience for everyone from senior employees to new hires.


12 Of The 20 Elements Important for ISO 9000 Certification Relate Directly to PATS.
ISO 9000 is a general set of principles for good management, and is accepted internationally as the sign of a quality-driven company. PATS directly impacts 12 of the 20 basics elements of ISO 9000 certification.  PATS not only benefits all the areas directly related to training, but has a positive impact on areas such as design control, management responsibility, and purchasing.

Because PATS directly involves the employee workforce in the identification and design of crucial work processes, it makes quality a company-wide process instead of only a management commitment.

Dr. Donald C. Fisher checks on implement- ation of PATS at the
Peabody Hotel,
Memphis, Tennessee
Settle for nothing less than the best trainers in your business - the experts that are already on your payroll.

We can work with you to implement fully our eight-stage program. We'll put our tested practices to work as we guide your company from team development to implementation of a recognition program.

Dr. Donald C. Fisher (above right), who developed the PATS program, built his expertise on the job himself.  His 20 years of experience in the field of management

development include consulting on corporate training and productivity improvement for several of the world's largest corporations. He is a three-year veteran of the Board of Examiners of the prestigious Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award and has judged quality performance based on the Baldrige criteria for over 100 world-class organizations.

Dr. Fisher's expertise and understanding of the contemporary workplace and its workers bring a special insight to the PATS program.  With our staff and consultants, we can direct the implementation of your PATS program and ensure that the best trainers in the world are working for you.

Contact Dr. Donald C. Fisher for more information
on incorporating PATS into your workplace.


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