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Group Training Leaders

Group Training Leaders are traditional trainers who oversee a selected number of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) on a daily basis. GTLs provide council, mentoring, leadership, certification and promote personal development of SMEs. 

A GTL leads SME's in dew directions, helps them to become more effective in their jobs, and prepares them to contribute more than ever before to the achievement of the organization's goals.

The Roles and Responsibilities of Group Training Leaders (GTL's):

(1) Oversee and mentor a defined number of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)
(2) Promote personal development of SMEs
(3) Certify and re-certify SMEs on an annual basis
(4) Conduct SME workshops on a quarterly basis
(5) Serve as a role model for SMEs
(6) Serve as a SME resource and provide SME on-site recognition
(7) Conduct on-site Observation Reports of PALs and provide feedback to SMEs regarding Observation Report results
(8) Review and maintain training records of assigned SMEs
(9) Collect  and interpret PATS management data for the PATS Program Managers and Certification Board.


The MED Trains Group Training Leaders

The MED Trains Group Training Leaders (GTLs)

The Regional Medical Center at Memphis (The MED) has incorporated the Process Activated Training System® (PATS) as their formal, On-The-Job Training (OTJ) lefaring and "Best Practices" knowledge transfer system for Patient Financial Service employees. PATS is a structural, systematic method of teaching employees within an organization "Best Practices" by focusing on individual work processes. PATS was developed by MSQPC-Executive Director, Dr. Donald Fisher. He developed the PATS system based on his own on-the-job experience consulting with global, world-class organizations.

The MED's Patient Financial Service Division has identified twenty employees who will serve as Group Training Leaders (GTL's). The GTL's received two days of intense training for their new role. GTL's serve as a mentoring network to employee trainers known as SME's in the PATS system. In addition to serving as a mentor, the GTL's are responsible for certifying and re-certifying the SME's on an annual basis. This group will mentor and oversee 80 employees who have been identified as Subject Matter Experts (SME's) and who exhibit "Best" billing practices within the Patient Financial Services.

The MED brought the PATS system into the Patient Financial Services Division after senior management recognized a need for billing consistency in their numerous billing practices throughout the Hospital that will improve cash flow and customer satisfaction.

Subject Matter Experts (SME's) have been trained in the PATS system in previous workshops and are presently turning their "Best" practices into training scripts that will be used to train their co-workers throughout the Patient Financial Services Division of The MED.

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