Process Activated Training System® Glossary

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"PATS" Glossary

Baseline Assessment of Processes - First and last process steps are transferred from worksheet onto this form and the steps between the first and last steps are identified and agreed upon by the team. Process time is recorded on this form. Data collected on this form is used to generate the process learning plan.

Core Work Process - A work process that is most important to a work area.

Critical Process - A process that has a major impact on several other processes throughout the organization.

Cycle-Time - The time during which it takes to complete a work task.

Learning Session Plan - A document used to develop and teach key or critical processes throughout the workforce by SME(s).

Documented Work Processes - Core work processes that have been identified as critical to an employee's work area. These processes are developed as PATS processes and documented to ensure consistency.

Employee Empowerment - Employees are given the freedom by management to operate and take control of their own work areas and allowed to respond to co-workers and other end-users without being monitored by management.

Group Training Leaders (GTLs) - Trainers who work with a selected number of SME(s) on a daily basis. GTLs provide council, mentoring, leadership and promote personal development of SMEs.

Key Process - A process that has a major impact on one or more work areas.

On-the-job Training (OJT) - Informal training conducted by co-workers.

Process - A series of steps, used to complete a work task.

Process Activated Learners (PALs) - All employees who are potential learners throughout the workforce. A PAL is taught a new or improved work process by an SME.

Process Re-engineering - To redo a process to ensure shorter process cycle-time.

Process Worksheet - A worksheet designed to identify a core work process, process owner(s), process supplier(s), customer(s), and the process objective. First and last steps are identified.

SME Certification - The process of certifying employees who have been identified as Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to teach core work processes to co-workers. SME Certification lasts for one year before re-certification is required.

Subject Matter Expert (SME) - An employee identified by both management and co-workers who demonstrates "Best Work Practices". This employee is used to teach new employees core work processes.

Work Processes - Each job on the work site has numerous work procedures. A work process can be as simple as contacting a supervisor and informing them of an upcoming test, determining the sampling method to use on a test or entering in the sample mailpieces on the data entry screens. The most important daily work processes are entitled core work processes.


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