Baptist Regional Medical Center, Corbin, KY

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Baptist Regional Medical Center, a client of MSQPC, received the highest level of Quality awarded in the state of Kentucky, "Governor's Gold Quality Award." Baptist Regional Medical Center is the first healthcare facility to receive this award in Kentucky.

This award is only awarded to those who strive for excellence and who implement "world-class" quality standards throughout their organization.

Created by Governor Paul Patton in 1997, the awards were designed to encourage businesses to improve their competitive advantage through enhanced productivity, customer satisfaction and employee focus while reaching higher financial and business performance goals. This program was modeled after the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award, which is a nationwide program established in 1987 to recognize similar efforts in the business arena.

The awards are designed to recognize businesses that have best integrated these qualities:

* Promoting awareness of productivity and quality

* Encouraging continuous improvement

* Acting as benchmarks for quality while sharing best practices with other organizations

* Developing a culture of excellence that will attract new businesses to the state

MSQPC Products and Services used by Baptist Regional Medical Center.

MSQPC's Process Activated Training System® (PATS) is a behavioral-based teaching and learning process used to create an environment of continuous learning and cycle-time reduction in delivering better customer service. PATS is an effective learning intervention for organizations to develop a formal on-the-job training system that empowers employees as Subject Matter Experts (SME's) who know best what it takes to do their jobs correctly the first time. Employees "Best Practices" are documented and transformed into training scripts.

MSQPC offers detailed assessments of organizations against the seven Baldrige categories. The assessments results provide valuable insight to an organization's strengths and areas for improvement and are vital elements of an organization's strategic planning process.

Baptist Regional Medical Center was awarded the Governor's Gold Quality Award during the fifth annual Commonwealth of Kentucky Quality Awards banquet held at Louisville's Seelbach Hilton Hotel on December 11th 2001.

Organizations applying for the award must document significant achievement in seven areas: leadership, strategic planning, customer and market focus, information analysis, human resource development, management and business results.

An independent board of examiners evaluates the applications after which teams may visit the applicants to verify or clarify initial application information. Each applicant receives a "feedback" report outlining strengths and opportunities for improvement in their performance management system.

In their pursuit of Quality Excellence, Baptist Regional Medical Center's commitment to Quality Excellence is displayed from line staff to leadership.

Pat Webb, Coordinator of Continuous Quality Improvement, states,

"We have worked long and hard in getting to this level in our Quality Pursuit. It has taken strong support from our leadership as well as buy in from management and staff. We have changed the way we do business on a daily basis and involved staff throughout the facility in the decision making process. Everything that we are about is centered on the customer True customer service truly revolves around the right attitude."

In addition to receiving the Governor's Kentucky Quality Award, Baptist Regional Medical Center is pursuing certification as an ISO 9001 organization. This certification requires continuous quality improvement and auditing of one's own processes to insure compliance with policies and procedures set forth by the organization. In preparation for this certification, staff will be auditing work areas across the facility to insure compliance with ISO standards.

Baptist hopes to have achieved the ISO 9001 certification in early 2002. With all staff involved in continuous quality improvement at the facility, it becomes readily apparent that people make the difference in the success of our quality pursuit. With the right people, support from leadership and the buy-in from management, the people make the difference in the quality of patient/customer service.


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